Where the Red Fern Blows

Where the Red Fern Blows: Only Zypher Knows

Where the Red Fern Blows: Only Zephyr Knows.  A real life experience with the hidden cosmos.

FaceBook is littered with political views and has become a real soapbox for various opinions. This is cool cause all you have to do, as a receiver, is turn the stupid stuff off. But there are some links that must play out to an eventual end where control is unthrottled and one is but a bystander to a greater mystical power.
Wanted to share a real-life experience that may inspire a few to look beyond the velvet glove of commerce and offer some insight to a hidden cosmos that I am now fully convinced is only cloaked by a few dimensional breaths away from our supposed reality.
Once upon a time in the very recent past, a special friend was getting long in the tooth, 15 Earth years, and his quality of life had devolved into a miserable grind. My friends name is Zypher he looked like a bandit having grown grey with a dark mask. I had actually taken to calling him ghost. He sported four long legs and a long snout, feathered ears and a tail rudder. He could run like the wind in a tireless lope that sets this ancient breed apart from all others. Considered a gift from Allah, not to be sold but only traded between best friends and most respected enemies. The Saluki hound is a marvel of all Gods creation and Zypher was a classic example.

Spanning over 45 years having been kept by several Afghan and Saluki sight hounds. They are like cats in articulate movement with a sixth sense of intuitive reasoning. This is one reason the Kings and Queens of the middle east kept Saluki to greet visitors and strangers. The Saluki was able to sense negative characters and react so to warn their owners of hidden agenda. I have witnessed this first hand and found it to be more accurate than not. They are considered the most ancient of breeds and some even refer to them as Noah’s hound.

Also known as the traditional Falconers hound Zypher and I enjoyed many days of adventure chasing squirrel and rabbit throughout North Carolina. To join the Saluki and the Red Tail Hawk in particular has been one of my life’s greatest accomplishments. Hunting hawk over hound instead of the traditional Falcon is just a little out of the ordinary. The very dream to be allowed entry into this ancient realm much less to fully participate and experience first hand the instinctive fight of fur and feather is a great honor very few have experienced. For all the elements of Mother nature to flow seamlessly together, to be successful in locating, flushing with hounds and then to see the hawk appear instantly from a high stoop, to take over in dispatching the game all in unison with a human is magic from the past.

The Saluki instinct is to share the game, to wait on the master, not to devour as is true of most mongrel breeds, waiting patiently as the game is prepared, small fire built, cooked and shared between the gang is inspirational and just about as primitive as imaginable. A simple whistle or tap on the gloved fist and the Hawk instantly appears in a feathered flurry from great distances, eagar for his measured reward.

After wrestling with the inevitability of what must be done, I chose the new moon in Pieces to close the door on a life force I had grown to love and respect. This is where the story got interesting because in assuming the end, was actually only the beginning evidence of a life force transition.
Morning after this fateful event, punctuated by the new moon eclipse, I meandered down the path with my new finely crafted GC walking stick and three of Zypher’s proof of purchase, to check on the burial site. This trail of tears and a few wacks at rocks along the way from frustration as to how the life cycle works on this planet led me past the labyrinth and on to the grave site now flanked by two other previously deceased hounds Kelsa and Gabe. The site is also a very sophisticated metaphysical energy farm developed with a labyrinth that taps a subterranean quartz crystal deposit. Odinstone Labyrinth.

This mornings stillness, bright, beautiful, clear and sunny without a breeze to be found. As I walked past the labyrinth and looked to the grave site the scene began to change. There was immediate drama, no stone rolled away or angels loitering about but, ever so gently at first, a very intentional disturbance, a gathering whisper of air and Beech leaves began to rustle and rotate forming a cone shaped funnel waffling in the other wise calm air. I watched intently as the invisible force accelerated forming vortex of debris raising like some beckoning serpent lofting in the air a full 15 -20 feet over my head. This accelerating vortex now started to move sweeping along the ground and settled at the very base of the fresh grave site of my favorite old hound Zypher. Freaky enough for this to happen at all, but a zypher forming at the fresh grave site of Zypher the worlds greatest and most loved Saluki hound got my attention.

My mind could not believe what my eyes were seeing, first the urge to grab the phone/camera but not knowing the time lapse of this event, because certainly this can not last more than a second, or is it even happening at all? “Do not take your eyes off this for a instant,” I told myself. I moved closer toward the site now about 50 feet away. The vortex seemed to sense my presence and almost communicated by shifting and bowing in my direction. As I moved closer again it closed the distance from its position and now had grown into a whirling dervish of beech leaves bending the grass sweeping along the ground. This lasted for a few more seconds and then made a notable move in my direction. Now I am frozen in time and cannot think to move. The force advanced again and this time engulfed me exactly where I was stood standing. I could feel the breeze on my face and then suddenly, as if the power switched off, the beech leaves all fluttered loosing their power and fell like feathers released from the tempest scattered at my feet, it was over. That magic moment in time had now disengaged and disappeared. I sat down, then laid down adjusting posture to the firm ground to try and gain some composure of what had just happened. The support from the earth was confirming, the sun warm on my face as the universe had just allowed me the experience of a life time, enacted on a terrestrial stage in a few seconds but etched in a celestial memory that will last forever.

Where the Red Fern Blows: Only Zephyr Knows


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2 thoughts on “Where the Red Fern Blows

  1. Elise

    I cannot express how sorry I am. But what a wonderful gift he gave you.

  2. Susan

    I had something similar happen after my daughter died. In the 19 years since..i have been able to see it several more times..conditions have to be right to see my dancing water..my Jessica returns to let me know she is okay…i think you will feel the force of Zephyr again my friend

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