OSL at Standing Rock

OSL at Standing Rock

OdinStone Labyrinth at Standing Rock

Perhaps the thought has crossed your mind as to how you could be present at Standing Rock… perhaps you are there energetically. If you are a keeper of an OSL charged Genesa Crystal know that your shared energy is at Standing Rock. Here is your connection story:

The Black Snake of the Dakota’s ancient Black Hills continues to slither South. Winding its way through Reservation lands of many Native American tribes. This Black Snake of oil is now showing signs of eating its own tail by bringing awareness to many now prepared to listen, “hear the sound of battle upon this ground.” Veterans are showing regret and apologizing to these tribes. Strong videos show the precise technique as the Sioux Chief places his hand on the head/temple of these veterans and releases the karmic energy captured there. One could properly assume this apology applies to other humans around the World for other wars and acts of aggression on the land. Just this week History Channel featured the updated Pearl Harbor story… “A tapestry of lies used as a recruiting tool to brainwash minds against humans simply living in other countries”. We know the lies created by our Congress: Lusitania, Tonkin Harbor, Federal Invasion of a Sovereign South, the list goes on, all for the same agenda of aggression, all for Federal Reserve dominance, commerce and the illusion of power and greed.
Standing Rock, the very name casts a spell that has woven its way through history. Standing stones have always represented a turning point or milestone signifying change. Monolithic obelisk reaching to the sky like out stretched arms seeking change. Of course there is Stone Hinge, the Egyptian Pyramids and timeless power they evoke. But! As the awareness of these changes is being separated from the darkness of ignorance, there is one Stone that must be included. The Standing Stones of the Orkney Islands, and in particular the original Odin Stone. This stone has probably effected more unknowing people through history than any other. It was this Stone perched high on a windswept Scottish cliff, placed there by Nordic invaders that moved a people to understand the power of Word. As immigration spread across the land bridges, people communicated in various ways. Promises were made but in the early days few were kept, between people and for sure between governments.

It was the Vikings that offered solution to this paradox. Your utterance became your bond by the action you took in sealing that utterance with the action of agreement. The agreement was sealed by shaking hands through a hole carved away in the standing stone. A Oath was recited to the Viking God, Odin. This created a binding contract and was not to be broken without suffering the wrath of Odin’s power. Marriages were contracts, business agreements became contracts, commerce developed based on agreement sealed not by word but by contract. All because Word must be realized as a vibration set in play.

15 years now since we created a replica of the original Odin Stone and placed it in the center of a Labyrinth. A labyrinth used by 1000’s to reflect on the past, focus on the present and plan for the future. OdinStone Labyrinth v1.0 was a teaching labyrinth designed to help others understand the power of contract. Which did include some unsettling truths regarding corporate Government, fiat currency and fractional reserve banking. Yes, it is true it got the attention of alphabet gangsters and they admitted the curriculum was true but they did not want the information shared openly with the public. Well, that Jinn genie is clearly out the bottle and no government agent is going to throttle the truth for very long, although they are trying.
Now OdinStone Labyrinth v2.0 has been redesigned to focus on the metaphysical and use Earth energies to circumvent the control agencies. We broadcast 24/7 the intention of World Peace and Goodwill to all men. We place Genesa crystals that amplify this intention around the planet in secret places. There is strong evidence it is working as we re-discover the power of Standing Stones.

Things are changing, “there is a new Sheriff in town,” and no new songs written on who shot him, we pray things will be better now that people are armed with a conscious awareness and deeper understanding of government manipulation by staged false flag events. Words are mightier than swords and really there aren’t that many plows around anymore. As government media has used Word as a powerful spell binder to control minds and sell insurance.

Here at OdinStone Labyrinth we continue to pump out the beat of World Peace and Goodwill. This is achieved by tapping into the Earths heartbeat and broadcasting the vibration. As many know we have placed nearly 100 sub-capacitor Genesa crystals acting as amplifiers around the Planet. Many are hand delivered by our placement agent to the epi-centers of past and present activities. Others are form curious folks that want to understand the concept and join in the daisy chain connecting the dots.

Interesting things happen when distributing these sacred geometric copper devices and recently ‘interesting’ visited again…
A knowledgeable soul was positioned on the planet near Devon, England. She is a well known presenter on the BBC with interest in metaphysical phenomena. She is a professor at one of England’s most prestigious Universities. Devon is in Wales and is my ancestral home from early 1700’s. Soon a copper Genesa was crafted and set on its way to dear old Devon. After several weeks it arrived back in the US marked as a customs claim issue. So, with all good intention the return was accepted and another fresh Genesa set on its way to the Priestess abode in Devon.
The irony is the original intended Genesa having been charged on the labyrinth shipped half way around the world lost in Customs, now needed a special place to go. And go it did to be accepted by the Tribal chief in North Dakota the same day the Veterans arrived to make their official apology to the great Souix Nation. An ambassador for OSL completed the research, made the connection and arranged for Genesa crystal 85 to be delivered to Chief Arvol Looking Horse, the spokesperson for the Elder Council in North Dakota.

Now this is strange in a way, but it gets even more interesting as the same week Jesse Colin Young re-dedicates his 1973 lyric to the Peace movement in ND. Yes, he was inspired to write the song based on Wounded Knee and visits he had made to the Black Hills. All synchronistic happenstance maybe, but accepted messaging in the world of labyrinths connecting past, present and future. Digging deeper into the awareness of synchronistic happenstance, on a very private note I will admit this song, “Before you Came” and its powerful lyric has always been very meaningful to me and was used in many meditations through the years. After some thought and in hopes it can be used by others to visualize action conjured through and manifest positive results through meditation, find the original lyric written by Jesse Colin Young and the additional verses added by yours truly.

May you find Peace and understand the concepts of creating your own reality. Peace Out!

“Before You Came” -JCY & JCW

I dreamed that I was riding, across a North Dakota field,
and the sweet grass whispered to me, as I rode.
The sun it was at mid day, shown hot across my face,
on a land lay still in grace yes, a crystal silent place,,, before you came.
Ruby, take my hand child, and we will walk across this land together.
Listen, you will hear the sounds of battle on this ground, do you hear the sound?

Two of my closest brothers they were riding by my side.
We watch the golden eagles flying circles in the sky.
We smiled as our eyes met for our joy we could not hide,
we love to hunt and ride, it was good to be alive,,, before you came.
Ruby, take my hand child, and we will walk across this land together.
Sister look on high and you will see there are storm clouds building in your sky.

The Sun it was dying when we reached those sacred hills,
the sky, it caught on fire and the night was very still.
It was here, all wrapped in blankets, in our younger days that we
feasted and we fasted and the night time brought us visions,,, before your came.
Ruby, take my hand child, and we will walk across this promised land together.
Sister look around you will see the scars of battle on this ground, do you hear the sound?

Our ponies, they were rested and watered by the stream.
The labyrinth on their foreheads warned us of our dreams.
We watched your wagons circle, we saw the damage done.
You stopped our women and children with the smoke from your guns,,, when you came.
Ruby, take my hand child, for we must flee this land together.
Listen, you will hear the sound of battle on this ground, do you hear the sound?

Ashes from our cook fires and tears that fell like rain,
thunder from your horses killed our game.
Death and destruction shadowed us in blame,
But a spirit path was opened, and we felt no pain,,, when you came.
Ruby, take my hand child, and we will fly across this land forever.
Look and you will see, our whispy shadows, as mare tails and ice dogs cross the sky.
Do you wonder why?…
do you wonder why the circle is broken?,
No peace for you, only I.

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