OSL Genesa 84

OSL Genesa 84

osl genesa 84OSL Genesa 84 has found its new home in Belem, Portugal. A place whos name is derived from the Portuguese word for Bethlehem. Belem is located at the mouth of the River Tagus just outside of the Lisbon city center. Mariners have been attracted to this area for decades as it provides calmer seas and safe anchorage than the mighty Atlantic as you enter the river. In the 14th Century, Moors cultivated and settled in the area, both free and enslaved working in the fishing industry.¬†Henry the Navigator, Governor in the Order of Christ initiated construction here of a small church dedicated to Saint Mary, “to give religious and spiritual support” to the villagers.¬†The foundation of this church and the Jeronimos Monastery on the site of the older church began the movement towards expansionism just after Vasco da Gama arrived with samples of gold he had discovered. The church became a house of prayer for seamen leaving or entering the port. In the 16th Century, the construction of a “tower of four stories” in the Tagus River was ordered. This fortified tower played a significant role in Portuguese maritime discoveries and served as a ceremonial gateway to Lisbon. Seafarers coming from the Americas would have been happy to see the Tagus River and Belem Tower as the first bit of land after a long journey during the Age of Discoveries.

OSL Genesa 84 now sits on the sea floor at the mouth of the Tagus River and the Atlantic Ocean, offering a path to peace and goodwill as ships enter the harbour today. After traveling in the small Osprey Backpack for 7 weeks through 8 countries and over 13,200 miles Genessa 84 is no longer moved by planes, trains, autos ferry boats and two leggeds, but instead by the coming and going of the tides. As with the welcoming intention of Belem Tower, intentions from Odinstone Labyrinth now join the Age of Discoveries. OSL 84 sits in the shallow waters, offering a symbol of peace, goodwill and discover of the own self to the thousands of people who walk the grounds today. Sitting in these shallow waters, almost directly east of the Odinstone Labyrinth mother ship, the world is beginning to change. Let us continue to pump peace, love and goodwill to everyone we meet whether by the spells we cast or by planting seeds and letting the earths energy do its work.

osl genesa 84

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