Labyrinth Intuition Always Knows

Labyrinth Intuition Always Knows

labyrinth intuitionLabyrinth intuition always knows, sometimes it speaks to you in the form of disappointment, sometimes in surprise, sometimes in a silent way that requires years of meditation and prayer to understand. As I stood at the entrance to Chartres Cathedral, copper talisman of peace, goodwill and love in hand, ready to find a place to deposit this charged bit of energy to the heart chakra cathedral itself… you can imagine the disappointment upon walking in and finding the world famous labyrinth covered with plywood and painters cloth and racks of scaffolding stacked high. There was no hiding it, my face dropped, my energy plummeted and I wanted to cry. Here I’ve traveled with this hand molded copper genessa 83, charged by Odinstone Labyrinth itself, all the way across Europe and the plan now has no choice but to change.

Something was off, I knew that 83 did not want to live in Chartres, but where… A few big breaths later, 83 goes back into the bag and will continue to be carried around until a place speaks out. I recall voicing the disappointment and saying that maybe Amiens would offer better luck. I took a few breaths and carried on.
Early morning wake up call, a dreary day, rain and fog as we walked to the
train station, Paris Gare de Nord to Amiens. An hour half train ride that provided a much needed nap before the days activities. Arriving in Amiens, the bottom drops out of the sky, pouring rain, we wait. As the day before is washed away, my disappointments included, we walked to Amiens Cathedral, said to hold the head of John the Baptist and the 6th Chakra Cathedral on the earths energetic lay line. I knew there was a labyrinth here, set in black and white but more angular than that of Chartres. I see it, walking over, place 83 in the center where she literally found her heart beat. As I stepped back from 83 she continued to rock for over a minute, beating to the current that ran beneath her. In awe, I did not notice the angel whos name I don’t know, come out of no where. “Is that yours she asked?” Yes, I replied (having just joked about people thinking that we are taking something from the cathedral when we pick it up and walk away)
and explained in shortened English that I take these pieces of art to areas around the world from Odinstone Labyrinth. She asked me to write it down, not having a pen and paper, out come the phones and before I know it, she is the latest ‘liker’ of OSL on facebook and is off. Just as quickly as she appeared, she was gone.

I knew she would be the keeper olabyrinth intuitionf 83, I knew I would run into her again.

Walking around the cathedral in awe of its beauty and magnitude, the 13th largest cathedral in Europe (if I understood correctly), I rounded a corner and spotted the angel whos name I don’t know, again. She was praying, as she looked up, we made eye contact, and as much as I wanted to rush over right then and there, I knew she needed her moment of prayer.

I knew she would be the keeper of 83, I knew I would run into her again.

Finishing our self guided tour we began looking around for the angel whos name I don’t know, she was no where to be found. We took an extra lap around the cathedral and still couldn’t find her. Stepping outside, it began to rain again. Looking around, still nothing. We took refuge under an awning and waited. As the rain began to slow, she appeared, again, out of now where and rounded a corner on her way out.

We began to follow her, how do you call out to an angel whos name you don’t know in a country where you don’t know the angel. How long do you follow someone before it gets creepy?! Finally calling out, “madam! excuse me! hello!” she turned around. I pulled out 83 and handed it to her.

labyrinth intuitionThe tears began to flow, she said thank you thank you, over and over, she said how 83 was the face of the angel, she was praying for something and this was the answered prayer. She gave me a huge heart to heart hug that could have been felt by anyone within a few blocks radius. She cried, ‘tears of joy’ she said. As we walked in separate directions, the emotions filled my being. I don’t have a clue what was going on in her world, all I know is that 83 did not want to be at Chartres, it wanted to be in Amiens. I know that the angel whos name I don’t know touched my heart and I will always feel connected to her.

Anyone out there with a Genessa, know that you are now connected in a whole new way. We never know how we will touch the lives of others and how they will touch ours. Today was truly a blessing, an experience that touched my soul, a moment when time stopped. A moment when two strangers embraced and realized they were never strangers to begin with. We are all connected and through peace, love and goodwill we can continue to fill this world with beautiful moments such as this. We can plant the seeds of hope for a future that thrives.

Dearest angel whos name I don’t know, thank you.


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