Labyrinth of Mind, Labyrinth of Life

Labyrinth of Mind, Labyrinth of Life

labyrinthContrary to popular belief, ancient Labyrinths were not a maze with dead-ends or traps to become lost or even a puzzle to be solved.  Labyrinths are a meandering path of meaningful, conscious awareness to be experienced. A meditative flow of kinetic energy moving  along a sublimated design that offered solace, reflection and intention. Cumulative Life experiences manifest as knowledge and  conjured as wisdom. The Labyrinth of life has only one entrance–one way in and one way out.

Many of the Worlds great Cathedrals were built on ancient labyrinth sites thousands of years old.   Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland now famous for its movie part in “The DaVinci Code” and “Angels and Demons,” by Dan Brown.

Magnificent  Chartres Cathedral of France with intricate 11 circuit labyrinth built into  the floor of the cathedral is considered by many to symbolize the ancient pilgrimage of initiates to Jerusalem.

The ancient Labyrinth is actually a specialized tool, created by our ancient ancestors 4000 years ago to guide and allow reflection for initiates along their mystical journey of life.  First observed as circular rings inside a tree or a reappearing progression of stars in the night sky.  The Labyrinth was then sublimated onto the Earths surface as a reflected image of ones personal progression through life.  In medieval times, the labyrinth symbolized a hard path to discover God with a defined center and only one way to get there called re-birth. In more modern times this ancient tool can be used to shift our consciousness. To understand more precisely how our captured nature can be released to experience the complete Spirit.

Most Interestingly, the labyrinth is also a metaphor for what is sacred in our lives.  Through its twist and turns, its ancient spaciousness holds everything we experience—our minds and emotions, our physical beings and our spirit, our losses and gains our successes and failures, our joys and disappointments.

When we walk the labyrinths path, we make our way around curves, sometimes sharp and other times gentle.  Many times we are placed close to the edge and fear crashing off the path.  Sometimes we circle the center goal and feel as though we just can’t quite get where we are going. Sometimes as in life the path is narrow and restricted by obstacles then the path opens for clear passage.

As we progress through the Labyrinth we move forward with ease and confidence, sometime we creep ahead slowly.  Sometimes we stop and reflect and sometimes we feel the need to retreat.

The center focused goal is there, just within reach but suddenly  we may be whisked away by unforeseen circumstance.  Occasionally we share our path with others but seldom do we find real harmony as the two shadows pass quietly in the night.

Regardless of circumstance or status we are all attached to the path be it our design or conformed by others or possibly some invisible force guiding our way.  The labyrinths path guides us like a rivers bank directs the flow of water, a continuous flow of energy gliding over and around obstacles only to be merged again on its passage onward to the Sea.

From the time we arrive having survived passage through the birth canal, untied from the Mother ship at our port of destination, we are examined by the dock master, finger and foot printed, weighed, measured, granted our live stock number as a citizen slaves until the time we depart the station, our corporate fiction buried 6 feet under the sea of commerce, we are  set on a path of exploration and possibilities.  This passage can be fraught with fear, misguided and wasted if no attention is given to intuitive awareness.  This spirit is often controlled by outside influence but it is the Labyrinth that can best bring focus in realizing the Christic energy that resides in each vessel no longer anchored, but free to sail on a sea of endless possibilities.  When we walk the path inward, we carry our burdens of the past, when we meditate at the center we bring focus to our present state of mind.  The walk outward we are lighter more joyful planning for the future.  Utilizing extreme caution not to crucify purified Christic energy in our own skull of Golgotha.

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